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Launch of new TLDs (Top Level Domains) aims to improve safety on the Internet. Corporation of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names) that ends today at 36 meeting in Seoul with a proposal (PDF) creation of high-security zones (High Security Zone, HSZ). TLDs, which meet a long list of conditions they can count on a special certificate, which will help them gain trust of our customers - feel that the heads of ICANN.
Opera is 10.01 according to the document Release Notes update correcting the security and stability of applications. It is recommended that all users switch to the latest version.
Judge Jeremy Fogel of the District Court in San Jose, California ruled that the self-proclaimed king of spam Sanford "Spamford" Wallace must pay compensation amounting to 711 million U.S. dollars. Social networking site operator shall notify the company in the pages of the blog. Judge argued that Wallace, despite a previous conviction distributed via Facebook spam and phishing attempts.
Swedish court ordered the two founders of The Pirate Bay immediate closure time. At the same time informed that a failure to comply with the judgment will threaten half a million Swedish crowns per person penalty. Highlights, however, is that neither condemned nor the tracker site is not located in Sweden.
Swedish court made a very interesting sentence in which he warned the two founders of The Pirate Bay, that if your site will continue to operate, it will have to pay a penalty of 500.000 thousand. SEK per person (71.500 dollars).
Country builds infrastructure, which will ensure his victory in the future cyberwar. The Chinese intend to use the advantage in this field to carry out advanced, long-term nature of attacks of computer intelligence. These proposals are contained in the report, "Capability of the People's Republic of China to Conduct Cyber Warfare and Computer Network Exploitation", prepared by Northrop Grumman for the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission. This is a government organization dealing with the monitoring of national security resulting from the cooperation between the United States and China.
Mozilla developers are developing new tool to help you manage communications networks. Using Raindrop surfer will have access to all messages received via the Internet - e-mails, information from instant messaging and social networking sites.
International association of writers, PEN invited governments to counter the mass digitization of books by the Internet company Google. Google's actions do not have permission creators and are incompatible with the existing rules in the world of copyright law - announced during the annual International PEN conference in Linz, Austria.
Kaspersky Lab has presented a summary record and the most risks, which plagued Internet users in September this year. The latest statement we learn that most states are "infected" and will be announced the smallest and most malicious program. We invite you to read. is a newly launched website, where users can share music files in MP3 format, and - as the owner of the site - do it without violating copyright. ShareTheMusic functions as an intermediary to allow concrete to find the soundtrack and listen to it without being able to write material on the disk or other medium. Users must provide their own musical resources, provided that they have been collected legally. Giving a song is playing at one time by only one recipient.
Recently we wrote about the leaked account passwords lists a Hotmail user. Analysis of these data proved to be overwhelming - the first two positions among the most commonly used passwords, took the phrase "123456" and "123456789". Keywords with a further rise was not the most commonly used are "smarter" chosen. All of the remaining eight entries are the names of their respective owners or persons with immediate family, or the string "111111".


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